Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Heart Nipples

Travs and I have been sick all day, so Braxton spent the day with Grandma (thanks mom you are the best!) When he came home and it was time to put him to bed I started to put his jammies on and this is what I found underneath his shirt. This is how the conversation went

"Braxton what is that?"

"Them are hearts on my nipples"

"How did they get there?"

"Grandma painted them there"


"Because her thought it would be funny...... and it IS"

Well Brax I'll have to agree with you there it is funny. Thanks again mom. You are the best grandma ever!


  1. that's awesome. i want to be a grandma like that someday.

  2. i think i want some heart nipples!!!

    good idea grandma!


  3. LOLOLOL, oh that made me cry it was so funny! Oh how i miss you and your mom! XOXOX