Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why I love the Ballon Fiesta

I love the first two weeks of October. Every morning when the kids wake up, they rush out into the backyard to count how many balloons they can see in the sky. Since we moved into our new house, the balloons have been more up front and personal. Balloons have soared over the backyard while searching for a place to land. So close that we can wave at them and have conversations with the pilots. This balloon landed right on the other side of our backyard. All of the kids from the bus stop scurried over and watched it deflate. I guess that October just brings out the kid in me.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

World's Best Baby

That is what I think of my little Grayson. He is the best baby that I ever had. He is a sleeping expert. pooping genius, and has a smile that could light up any room. I had no idea that number three could be so amazing, "Been there done that" But World, I am in L-O-V-E love and his name is Grayson. He prefers me to Travs...which is a first and I could snuggle him for hours. Hours that would be full of smiles, giggles, coos and yes he even sings to me. I would kiss his fat drool covered cheeks and nuzzle his tiny button nose for eternity. I would have a hundred more if they could all be angels like Gray.

Just so ya know...nothing cuter than an almost nude baby boy, wearin' nothin' but leg warmers.

Hannah B.

This is what she prefers to be called at school even though she is the only Hannah in her class.

My beautiful girl. My beautiful girl who is as independent as they come. She is growing up so fast, both metephorically and literally. I have had to buy her all new pants and dresses that she wore to church a week ago now look like mini-skirts. She is going to be taller than me before she is 10!

Signs that your daughter is just like you and not like you at all.

1. She wants to walk herself to the bus-stop...all on her own but loves it when you meet her there after school.

2. She loves everything pink, sparkly and tacky. and anything that has to do with horses or kittens.

3. Has learned to read and loves being read to, our latest classic of choice "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing." Next we are moving on to the American Girl series

4. All ready has a boyfriend that she has kissed...on the his closet. Yikes!

5.Has a laugh that is deep and unfiltered. When she is laughing, we are all laughing.

6. Draws the cutest pictures. Rainbows and princesses, unicorns and castles. She deffinatley has Travs' creative gene

7. I love this little woman with all my heart and although it is painful sometimes. I love watching her grow-up.


My little man. He is the child that tests my patience the most, but thankfully, keeps me laughing.

A typical day with Braxton usually includes

1. Something being thrown at your face, probably while you are driving. He always does this on the sly and even though it has happened to me almost every day, it is always a suprise, a suprise that he thinks is hilarious. His most recent ammunition of choice...a burning hot chicken nugget.

2. Puzzles...Braxton loves to do puzzles, from the moment he wakes up it is "pretty please beautiful -mommy- with- a- cherry- on -top can we please do a puzzle" His favorites include; a number matching puzzle, The Backyardigans, and Trucks. He likes to do them on the tile floor and finishes it off with a good stomp of his feet all over the puzzle, just to make sure all of the pieces are in right.

3. Some sort of catch-phrase. This kid picks them up like nobody's business. and if you haven't heard his deep man voice then you don't know how funny he sounds when he says "It's business time".

4. My little helper. He loves to help clean around the house, especially spraying windex and starting the dishwasher or washing machine. I could probably get it done in half the wouldn't be as fun or nearly as entertaining.