Thursday, November 27, 2008

Count Your Blessings

This Thanksgiving there are many things that I am thankful for but here are my top 5.

1. My husband- I don't think that anybody could put up with me as well as he does. He is "the cheese to my macaroni" I am organized and cranky. He is free spirited and jovial. He works so hard for his family and then comes home and plays with the kids, reads to them before bed and makes us all laugh.

2. My children- I love them and their little personalities. I love the way that they make me laugh, cry, pee my pants, squirt milk out of my nose, and teach me something new every day.

3. My Family- My mom is my best friend and I am so lucky that she lives so close. She is the best shopping buddy and helps me way more than I deserve. My dad tells the kids imaginative stories that holds their attention way longer than I ever can and I am so glad that I am getting to know my brothers as almost adults.

4. My girlfriends- You guys make me laugh! I couldn't breathe without you.

5. My home- what a blessing to have a haven from the world where I can walk around in my underwear. Teach my children the gospel and have complete control of the remote.



  1. I like that you group "walk around in my underwear and teach my children the gospel" in the same sentence. You make me laugh!

  2. that's how I teach them about the gospel.... JK