Monday, December 29, 2008

Year end for the Butlers

Hannah has had a year of many first. She stared Kinder, is learning to read and becoming more independent by the minute. She has made so many new friends in the neighborhood. She always loves to be out and about and try new things. She has kissed a boy and broken up with him a week later. I think that they have mended fences as friends but promises that she will not kiss somebody again until she is old enough. Which I tell her is not until she is 25 but I am sure that in her mind it is probably like 7. Today her uncle called her a little girl, which deeply offended her. She is a BIG girl now. He tried to strike a deal by offering to call her a medium sized girl but she told him "medium sized girls are like 4 year olds" She just can't wait to grow up and when she does, I am sure that she will conquer the world. She is a giggler, a storyteller and a snuggle bug. She is extremely smart, she is at the top of her class and has inherited her father's creative streak, I am so excited to see what the combination of those two will bring. I love my little girl (But don't tell her that I called her insulting.)


Braxton is my little man through and through. He loves to cut up paper and make a mess. I recently found out that he was spending a lot of time at my moms house just sharpening pencils and I thought it would be a great idea if we borrowed her electric sharpener and brought it over to our house. It was a win-win keep him occupied and get the pencils all sharpened at the same time......or so I thought, as soon as he started up he yelled at me "Hey mom this is really loud and annoying, I bet it hurts your ears right." I told him no my ears were fine and that he could do it as long as he wanted. Well that finished it, as long as it wasn't annoying me...he was done. He has a sweet heart as well, and a good memory. He is always helping me find things and eager to help when needed. He is learning so much everyday and says the cutest prayers at night. He keeps me laughing and greatful for the opportunity that I have to raise a boy.
Grayson is the HAPPIEST baby in the world. Seriously is ridiculous. For the past two weeks we have had to take him out of sacrament meeting for laughing too much and too loudly. He laughs all of the time. The cute baby screaming
squeal laugh that I wish that I could capture and remember forever. My brother noted that even when he is crying it is almost like he is faking it because he takes a break to smilr. Whenver he sees somebody that he loves his face just lights up and he reaches right out to them with a big smile. I feel so blessed to have him in our family. In fact I think that I am going to go and squeeze him right now.


  1. help me Jenn LEE!!!!! why does this not show up how I made it. I had the text surrounding the pics but when i publish it it goes crazy

  2. I just saw this comment. So sorry. Lets chat about this blog thing soon. I was just getting on your blog to ask you to post more. I miss it!
    Hope your trip was everything you wanted. Post pics soon! :) pretty please???

  3. I hope you don't mind, I notice you commented on Jacque's blog. Can I add you to mine?

  4. I just noticed your blog! Your kids are darling! You guys have so much fun in your family. Always a party at the Hadlocks...or the Butler's of course.