Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Nativity

My favorite part of decorating for Christmas is setting out the nativity. I collect a new one every year and have several that the kids are allowed to play with (thank you little people) and some that are "hands off" We stayed home on Sunday and the kids wanted to play with this one, which is a "hands off" nativity and I said I would let them if they let me take pictures of them while they were doing it. I think that it is so sweet that they are learning the Christmas story through their play. I did however have to put an end to it when Brax made the shepherd kiss Joseph. In his defense... "I thought him was a girl because his hat looked like hair and his wife just had a baby." Oh Brax I love you ya goof.

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  1. great photos once again. I love nativitys too! I can't wait to collect more when I have more space to display them!